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In person sessions available now as well as continuing with remote Zoom sessions to meet all your needs.


Energy Work To Balance Your Being



Hello ~ I’m Lulu Martin and I have been working in the field of Holistic Health for over 25 years.

In 1991 I graduated as a Holistic Health Practioner.

In 1992 I entered into a lifelong practice and study of Hatha Yoga.


I have taken many, many courses in hands-on bodywork, energy healing, Hatha Yoga,

Kundalini Yoga (from many teachers), Colorpuncture, and sound healing.

I must say that I’m fascinated with all the cross referencing

that so many healing traditions embody and that I’ve been privy to study. 


For instance, when teaching yoga I can feel the opening and release

of the muscles and the fascia and its corresponding connection

to our fight, flight, freeze response, and how it effects our lymph system

which contains the flow of information from chemical (hormones) reactions

in our brain and it’s processing of life challenges.


 When holding certain points or even sweeping my hands slowly

through the field around a body or even a well defined pathway like a meridian,

I can effect how you feel, and so can you.

I must say one of the most important aspects within my work

has been the study of Eden Energy Medicine

and its vast compendium of healing therapies, its primary focus  on energy testing,

and what’s happening for You in real time, not an assumption of what I think you need.

Obviously, both are useful as I’ve had a fair amount of experience

working in the many modalities that I have chosen to study.


Currently, I’m back teaching in person yoga classes that are

also available on Zoom for those who enjoy staying home to practice.

Tuesdays we journey into Energy Medicine Yoga which is

a beautiful combination of traditional Hatha Yoga practices and Eden Energy Medicine

to create a rich experience of movement from deep within to the outer field

of not only your body but your Biofield (aura).

Thursdays we reach into the “Happy Back” practice

with its clear protocol of creating space and better alignment and function within this practice.


Throughout my other time, I’m seeing in- person clients for Eden Energy Medicine and other modalities like massage therapy, sound massage, etc. from the list of offerings I have.


If you’re not sure what kind of session might serve you the best,

let’s discuss it and see how I can meet your desire to feel better. 


I absolutely would love the opportunity to work with you and assist you

in feeling happier, healthier, and more empowered.

~ Lulu







Energy Medicine Yoga & Happy Back Yoga



Eden Energy






Contact me to schedule or

for any other information.

Coronado, CA 92118  |  Tel. 415-887-8653

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free consultation

Ruth W

San Diego

I absolutely adore my sessions with Lulu!!  Her loving kindness, compassion and acceptance create an ideal healing environment, and she offers a treasure trove of beautiful healing modalities, each one more amazing than the next.  Lulu’s sessions always bring me insights and clarity, and I go away feeling refreshed and re-oriented to my truest self.  

Lynne K


I’ve been working with Lulu Martin at Blue Lotus Healing Arts twice a week for about a year during which I’ve had Colorpuncture treatments and taken Yoga lessons. Lulu has a lovely calming presence and is a wonderful, patient teacher! 

Minna KH

San Diego

Lulu has introduced me to an entire layer of my health that I wasn't fully aware of. She has amazing tools & techniques to access that energetic layer of my being where my body can be stimulated to heal itself. I always feel more present, alive & connected when I'm finished with a session.

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