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Everything I do today, I believe is a result of my lifelong curiosity, desire & personal need to live healthy & whole. I created Blue Lotus Healing Arts to share what I continue learning: offering a wide variety of natural, holistic forms of healing that promote increased well-being-ness.


I offer remote Eden Energy Medicine sessions, Energy Medicine yoga and Happy Back yoga classes via Zoom.  When possible, I also offer hands-on various vibrational types of therapies from sound massage to aromatherapy raindrop sessions, and colorpuncture. (Subject to Coronavirus status.)

Each of these offer energetic healing as well as addressing physical issues, stress, anxiety, pain & discomfort. As the body relaxes and lets go, the mind can drop down into deeper states of openness and freedom, potentially a place of deep healing and restoration.


Whether receiving a bodywork session, practicing yoga, or experiencing a crystal bowl sound bath, the  focus is on softening what is tight, releasing what is painful or stagnant, aligning with that

inner sense of serenity.

All treatments integrate multi-dimensional relaxation and relief techniques using a variety of tools. This approach maximizes the body’s natural curative ability to bring balance. The application of touch, essential oils, vibrations, colors, crystals, and intention make a huge impact, affecting all levels of being: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. I look forward to connecting with you!

~ Lulu




Coronado, CA 92118

lulu@bluelotushealingarts.blue  |  Tel. 415-887-8653

At The Deep Blue Sea Sanctuary


Ruth W

San Diego

I absolutely adore my sessions with Lulu!!  Her loving kindness, compassion and acceptance create an ideal healing environment, and she offers a treasure trove of beautiful healing modalities, each one more amazing than the next.  Lulu’s sessions always bring me insights and clarity, and I go away feeling refreshed and re-oriented to my truest self.  

Lynne K


I’ve been working with Lulu Martin at Blue Lotus Healing Arts twice a week for about a year during which I’ve had Colorpuncture treatments and taken Yoga lessons. Lulu has a lovely calming presence and is a wonderful, patient teacher! 

Minna KH

San Diego

Lulu has introduced me to an entire layer of my health that I wasn't fully aware of. She has amazing tools & techniques to access that energetic layer of my being where my body can be stimulated to heal itself. I always feel more present, alive & connected when I'm finished with a session.

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