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Eden Energy Medicine 

“Energy Medicine brings you vitality when you are drained, health when you are ill, and joy when you are down.”   - Donna Eden

Sessions available in person and via Zoom.


Get empowered, and care for your own health & wellbeing with Eden Energy Medicine exercises and protocols. You can also schedule a Energy Medicine Distance Session where you will receive care for your particular needs based on specific energy testing that I will do.

I tune into your field and work on you in a holographic form as if we are in the same room together. I test your various energies; meridians, chakras, the 5 rhythms/elements, your polarity, vortexes, etc. and then work to balance and harmonize your various energies to bring you into a lovely harmonious state of being.

Additionally, During our time together I will teach you to test your own specific energy systems using different techniques.

Like most people in this fast-paced technological world, my life is fragmented and full of enormous stress. Due to the intense stress in my life, by November of 2018 I felt as though physically I would not live another year. 

Each of my Eden Energy sessions with Lulu have been positive and my health has continually been replenished consequently reversing my declining health issues. I have been taught skills to help myself when life becomes difficult and complicated.


Lulu brings her encouraging and calming spirit to every session. She continues her Eden Energy studies, broadening her expertise in recognizing an individual’s unique essential energy needs.

The stress and emotion that is a common thread in my life still continues, but because of Lulu and Eden Energy I am optimistic for a healthy future.

Paula F

San Diego


Coronado, CA 92118  |  Tel. 415-887-8653

At The Deep Blue Sea Sanctuary

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