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Hatha Yoga Fusion

Balance body, mind, spirit.



Now on Zoom

Yoga with Lulu is an amazing experience. Each session is new and inspiring, with Lulu treating us to experiences like crystal bowl sound baths and incorporating Eden Energy Medicine techniques into her teaching. Her class is fantastic!


Having attended Lulu's twice weekly yoga sessions at the Coronado Shores for several years, I have become stronger, more confident and become a faithful adherent to the lifelong practices she has taught me. Lulu's breadth of knowledge, skill, patience & expertise allows each of us students to work at our own level and pace to expand our skills and reach new goals.

I have been getting sessions via Zoom, and find them fantastic as well!

Most people practice to alleviate physical problems, and stay for the relief, peace, and balance that classes offer. Working with the physical body, we practice asanas (poses) to reach through the tension in the body to clear a pathway into a deeper peaceful place of openness and relaxation.

Private yoga sessions are available via Zoom. 

$17 per class - drop in

Discount for blocks of classes

Tuesdays: Hatha Yoga with energy medicine techniques to boost your life force energy and increase the flow of your wellbeing.

Thursdays: Healthy Happy Back instruction as well to lengthen and restore your spinal health and flexibility.


8:30 - 10:00am

Online Group Yoga Classes

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